Unsolicited Testimonials

Folks, these are unsolicited comments about Gemology Tools Professional. There have been many more but because I'm so busy (just like you) I'm kind of lax about getting permission from people to list them. If you want an email address or two let me know. We can't list them here because the spammers go nuts whenever their spambots find an email address on any website.

Hi Bill,
The gift of GT Pro for my GIA GG student friend in Tucson was a smash hit! I was able to go down to Tucson and install it on her computer for her... she absolutely loves it. It is going to be a real help for her as she completes her GG. Thanks again for your kind words, and excellent software...
Best regards Thomas
Bill, what an elegant and well thought out tool!  I love the structure it provides for ID work, and the database is terrific.  The more I use GT Pro, the more I appreciate the thorough effort to which you and the other contributors went in order to design this.  As a small example, I've been doing specific gravity tests using pencil, paper and my calculator and was thinking "Gee, I wonder if they would consider adding a little S.G. calculator in the next revision."  Then, I found it in the Utilities menu!
My sincerest thanks to you and all the others who have made this possible.
Best regards,

Paul M. Brala, Ph.D. (psychology type, gemology amateur!)
Bill, I am writing to express my delight in the GT Pro  computer program ....OUTSTANDING!!! No  gemologist can afford not to have this program. I am a Registered Gemologist and Jewelry  Appraiser and have used this program since Feb 2010.  It not only helps me find illusive answers in identification, but does it in a fraction of the time that I would  have spent on research.  GT Pro  has everything one could want in a gemology program; gemology tools, tables, calculators, photos, definitions etc.  I give the GT Pro program an outstanding.  Thank you for providing an invaluable,  complete gemology tool.  I would  highly recommend this to all gemologists and want-to-be gemologists, novice or  professional.  I  don’t know how you can offer so much at such a  low price.
Phillip R.
Registered  Gemologist/Appraiser
 Creators of GT Pro,
I am a major user of your program and would like to express how amazing a program it is and how much it saved my life through my schooling. My teacher Sylvia Gumpesberger introduced my class to this program and I would give it credit for myself getting on the dean's list last semester and hopefully this one too. I do have a thought on how to make people worship this program more which would be to add a direct comparison feature where you could direct compare two different stones, though I do not know if this is feasible in terms of programming. Another enormous thank you to everyone who helped put this program together.
Brampton Ontario, Canada
Good Morning Bill,
Love GT Pro….
It will save me heaps by not having to buy reference books.
All the information that I need, and much much more is already in GT Pro…..very comprehensive!
Oh and the photos are great.
Best Regards,
Bill S.
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Dear Mr. Wise,
Yes the download completed fine.
Just wanted to let you know that this software is AWESOME!
It is the best bar none and trust me I’ve looked.
It’s educational as well.
I have school children who come into my shop and we tumble rock batches  for them and this is a great tool for them to learn about rocks and  minerals.
Thank you so much for the great communication as well. Great customer service.
Sparky’s Jewelry Design & Repair
Dear Bill,
Thank you for the follow up on my recent purchase of your wonderful gemology software. Yes, it is up and running. I have used this software daily for years now and love it. I first ID the stone and then use the software to confirm my findings. I use The Stone Weight Estimator, Unit Conversions, Calculator, and The Custom Piece Calculator more than the Separator. I have a very fine gemology lab which I treasure, but the best Bang For The  Buck in my gemstone business is Gemology Tools Professional. Thank you again!!!
Natural Treasures
Richard C. Massingill PG MG
Thanks Richard (Bold highlights added by me)
IT WORKS!!!!!!!  Thank you so very very much for all your thoughts, effort and helpfulness. The download went flawlessly as did the installation. The program is beautiful and a worthy successor to Gemology Tools.
Your product is only surpassed by your customer service.
Walli A
As soon as I clear the drool off my mouth perhaps I can properly ask a question. First of all, I just began playing with this software and am completely blown away. I'm a distant education student at GIA preparing for my Gem ID course and found this software while searching the web for equipment. I cannot imagine how long it took to compile such thorough data at such an unbelievably LOW, LOW price, but I'm grateful you put it out there for everyone.
Now my question is: I downloaded this on my laptop and would like to also download it on my big computer. Is this possible, or is it one download per purchase? Can you please let me know? Thank you so much!
Donna Watson-Formaneck
Banning, CA
BW: Donna, you can install GT Pro on as many devices as YOU use. You would need a multi-user purchase only if you had other professional gemologists using the program.
Dear Bill,
I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with your software!  Your database is unbelievable! Today I took the "easy test" just to see how I would do.  I really surprised myself. This database is so easy to use and provides so much information, you should have called it "GEMOLOGY FOR DUMMIES!"  I love all of the full-color photos and the endless information you include.
Again, thank you so much for your assistance and this wonderful database!  (Best money I ever spent!)
Elizabeth Waisnor
Wakefield, MA
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Here is one of my All-Time favorite testimonials (She is talking about version 8.0):
OMG! The new program is soooo friggin' awesome! Dude, you are the Elvis of
gemology! You ROCK!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Lake Ann, MI
No, Sue, thank you. Thank you very much.
Note: I hesitated to put this one in because it is hard for me to believe (and if it is hard for me to believe, will you?). But, these are Sheridon’s own words, so...
GT Pro is quite honestly the single most impressive program I have ever personally used. It is also the most enjoyable. I passed the theoretical portion of my IGS exam and am now using the program to practice for the practical portion. I also fully expect to use it for the practical portion (as well as any future endeavors I take part in).
Thank you,
Bloomfield, NM
If I paid twice of what you are asking for the program I still would have been very happy. The time saving tools alone are worth it. This program is a great asset to the gemstone community, A+++ program !!
Eric Duncklee
Bangor, Maine
Hi Bill,
Changing computers was the trick. Great advice and WOW.....this is one terrific program.
Thanks again,
William Zuraff
Las Vegas, NV
Dear Bill,
It arrived this afternoon and I just installed it. It is about 20x better than I hoped! The inclusion photos alone are worth the price of the program. I thought it was going to be an online program, but this is far better because it makes my future lab portable. I don't need to worry about what kind of Internet service a client may have. It's also nice to have a photo file of some of the great stones, like the Hope Diamond.
James B.
Jonesborough, TN
This is an Awesome Program!  It consolidates much needed data I constantly have to search for in various research manuals. I like also the conversion charts very much! Nice Program! I commend you all! Thank you for all your Support!
Marcus Montieth
San Antonio, TX
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Phenomenal!!!! This is a fantastic upgrade and I thank you so much!!!!!!! I especially had fun with the Gemology Test!!!!
Pam White
White Gem Lab
Vista, CA
I just love your program!  It is one of the best investments I have made in a long time.
Beth Shutt
Neufelds Promenade
Glendora, CA
Finished downloading the ZIP file and opened the program. WOW! The depth and data is unbelievable and the photos are a great plus. I am very impressed with your design. Thank you very much for this great database!
Gary DellaGuardia
Arvada, CO
I downloaded and installed the program and all I can say is WOW. After using it for a week I am even more impressed. I have owned several gemology programs over the past few years and Gemology Tools is the easiest to use by far. I found the Gemstone Separator very fast, easy, and accurate.  The weight estimators were very accurate for the test stones I used. This program will get a lot of work in my shop
Thanks Bill, for a fine program.
Mark Johnson
Elizabeth, CO
Works great! I've only spent a few minutes in the program and I can already tell that I'll spend many hours. This is just the kind of tool I was looking for!!
Ray Dix
Dallas, TX
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My faceting instructor and I love your Gemology Tools software.  It's great having one centralized and easy to use source for all of this information. We used to have to look though numerous reference books instead.
Dave Tsujimoto
Puyallup, WA
Just wanted to say that I've had your software for a week and really like it!! The photos are great for showing clients and it adds to my "gemology toolbox.” Great job and thanks!
Jeff Averbook, G.G.
Metro Jewelry Appraisers
Wakefield, Ma. 01880
We have used Gemology Tools for over five years and it continues to be an invaluable appraisal resource for Timeless, Inc. It not only makes our  work faster but also accurate.  We don't have to open reference books for millimeter to carat weight conversions.  The Gemstone Database assists us in the initial determination of stone species.  The upgrades are not just bells and whistles but a meaningful increase in information and ease of retrieval.
Gail Brett Levine, GG
Howard Rubin, GG
Timeless, Inc.
Rego Park, NY
May 4, 2004
It is so few and far between that I find myself actually amazed with the quality of a program that relates to gemstones. I have to definitely say that your program is one that is DEFINITELY worth the price! The pictures and details that you have given are extremely comprehensive and well written. Thank you for making such a wonderful program!
Marcus Gray
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Gemology Tools is a great program. I'm finding it extremely useful. Even think the pictures are great! I am very impressed with your programming sense.  GT is quite intuitive and easy to navigate through right from the opening screen.  Information on each species is comprehensive, detailed and easy enough for even a novice to understand. Great job! Very impressed! And it didn't take 9 days to get here!!! Thanks so much.
RH Raeder
Pembrooke, Ontario
When I purchased the original version of GT, I was a GIA student.  Now, I am a GG and working for a major jeweler. I thought the 5.1 version was helpful. The new 6.2 is meaningful. It connects to my use of the Guide appraisal system and puts great new calculating power at my fingertips. Well done and Thank You!
Larry Clark, GG
Miami, FL
Gemology Tools leads my arsenal of indispensable gemological equipment. I am particularly pleased with the new gemstone separator, pearl grading guide and diamond weight charts. The Round Diamond Cut Analyzer makes quick work of any diamond re-cutting estimate. There is no easier way to implement the NAJA Cut Grading system, the only system yet available to consistently grade fancies as well as round diamonds! Keep up the good work.
Paul R. Cassarino, FGA, DGA, GG (GIA), ISA CAPP
Certified Gemologist/Appraiser
The Gem Lab
Rochester, NY
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The program is one of the best I have run into. I love it and you can quote me.   Thanks for your help.
Jerry Hughes
Delta One Lapidary
I have used Gemology Tools every business day since 1995 and continue to rediscover useful applications as appraisal and client needs arise. The program was thoughtfully produced for all levels of gemological expertise and is extremely user friendly. The diamond and colored stone weight estimation system alone is worth the investment.
Jeff Allinson, G.G., Senior Member of N.A.J.A.
Vienna, VA
Your Gemology Tools has made my life and work so much easier -- and it's a great way to double-check my manual calculations when/if I choose to do the work "the hard way". I certainly appreciate your fine work - and the great tool you've developed.
LaVerne Larson, G.G.
Chandler, AZ
WOW !!!!!! I love the picture section, what a great tool to help and refresh my memory. Great Job.
Solon Holt, Jr., G.G.
Lebanon, TN
Bill - have just installed the new program and WOW! Great pictures, great gemstone data and very usable, in my opinion. And of course, all the old favourites there too.
Neil Rose, F.G.A.
Leeds, England
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